Theragun creates handheld vibration therapy devices that improve muscle care and movement for its users. Their current model is the G2Pro, which is the 2nd iteration.

The Founder of Theragun is Chiropractor​ Jason Wersland​, who launched the company in 2008.

Theragun is primarily marketed towards professional sports medicine practitioners. The device uses vibration to break up scar tissue and stimulate blood flow.


Wersland was inspired to create Thergun after he suffered a Disc herniation​ after a motorcycle accident. This led to intense pain and atrophy. He realized there was a need for an effective home or mobile treatment device for patients to use as they needed. The TheraGun is what he came up with.


The Theragun weighs 3 lbs. It operates at a frequency of 60 to 65 Hz with an amplitude of 1/2 inch.

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