Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

What does it take to be a top athlete? 

Whatever your sport, coaches are looking for the same physical characteristics that define all great athletes:  speed and agility, core strength, power, and the ability to train and perform -- without injuring oneself.  At Higher Level Athletic Fitness these are the physical goals on which we focus our sports performance training.  

We begin with our Proteus and VBT sport evaluation to assess your strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to create a special sports training program to improve your speed, power, agility and balance. Focusing on flexibility and core strength needed for your specific sport, we use the latest technology ( including Keiser,  Power Plate, Vertimax and Woodway training machines)  to achieve advanced performance goals. This training can take place in personal sessions, small group session and team training as needed. 

At Higher Level Athletic Fitness we develop strength from the core out, so that power is projected using the entire body.  And we do so in an atmosphere where athlete safety is paramount because careful preparation and cool-downs are vital to high performance athletics.

If you start with the perspectives, training and equipment champions use, it is easier to become one yourself. Give us a call, text or email today to become a top performing athlete in your sport.Or Click here.


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