Purmotion Training Benefits and Methodology


When training with light and heavy loads the joints are so often compromised during lifts. With Purmotion equipment the joint are no longer under stress like traditional lifts do. Thus limiting the normal wear and tear of the body as we strive to get stronger.


When it comes to sports performance training lifts should mimic the positions the body will be placed during the organized chaos that is sport. Most sports played do not involve the player laying on the floor yet a vast majority of training is done laying on the back. The same is true for flat footed training most sports are played with forward traction and on the balls of the foot not the heel, yet we lift primarily flat footed. This is where the purmotion way trumps tradition training.

why purmotion

Purmotion allows our clients of all ages to train with light to heavy loads without the negative affects of traditional training on the overall body. Purmotion training no only challenges the body but the mind as well. Purmotion is also unique in that it also allows us to train in variousĀ  planes of motion and force lines . Giving our clients an edged over the competition like no other training modality has ever offered.


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