Fitness Small Group Training

Fitness Small Group Training

The intensity of personal training is not for everyone. Small group training solves that problem by offering individualized attention in small group workouts. The advantages of small group training are many: training with others boosts and maintains morale, consistently challenges and makes the whole fitness experience more fun. Using metabolic conditioning mixed with strength training, small group training  involves every aspect of fitness: flexibility, mobility, agility, core strength & power training. Following an fitness evlauation, you’ll work with the TRX straps, kettle bells, bosu balls,  VIPR tubes, rubber balls, tires, obstacle courses, sleds, ropes and more. Most importantly, you’ll be working with a buddy.  
It’s intense. It’s real. It is definitely more exciting than working out alone. Most importantly, it is fun. Give us a call, text or email us today to join a group today. Or, cllick here.


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